Directed for Vodafone & LLR. The whole documentary is due in October

Shot & Directed for Markenfilm Crossing and LLR
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Directed and shot in Barcelona for Rebel Productions. Please send me a message for password information.

Ein Besuch bei Sven Wiesner und seinem einzigartigen Käfer::A visit to Sven Wiesner and his strangely beautiful VW Beetle creation

For more information visit der-rostkaefer.de

And I love them as well. Great three deys with the DONOTS on various locations. All improvised, all fun...

Shot and directed in Ibiza for Wiethe Kommunikativ

Mustang Jeans::London Fall::Director´s Cut from Stylesnacks on Vimeo.

We went to London for production company Wiethe Objektiv, to shoot Mustang Jeans autumn/winter collection 2012/13. The movie was shot on 16mm film by DOP Neels Feil.

This is my director´s cut of the original three minute showroom movie.

Please buy Billy Bragg music at: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/billy-bragg/id163251

Met these guys through a friend and decided I´d like to tell their story.

Shot together with Neels Feil.

Post by Christian Steidten, sound by Lars Ohlendorf.

Following my friends at Lichtfaktor on a lightpainting tour in Cologne.

Shot and directed for the Wiethe Group in all of their branches, including Hamburg, Bremen and Georgemaryhood (for the ones in the know).
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